3.8 miles in Western Addition/Hayes Valley

How shall I put this...Western Addition was a challenge for me to photograph. For starters, it's not the choicest hood in town.  It is home to several blocks of public housing projects.  But the more pressing issue I faced was that there were so many residents outside that I felt like taking a picture of their houses or stuff would be too intrusive. So here's all I got:

Question: why is touch-up pain NEVER the right color?

I'm a lefty too!

There are a few really nice parks in this area.  Western Addition definitely has that going for it.

You know you have arrived in Hayes Valley when you get to Hayes Street.  It is lined with some seriously adorable stores and yummy looking restaurants.

Hayes Street is also home to a community farm.

I have no idea what they are growing, but there is a lot of it, whatever it is.

That's all I've got.  Have a swell day!


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