5 miles in Sherwood Forest/Westwood Highlands

It was kinda windy and cold tonight which made walking on the side of this hill a little chilly, but otherwise, it was a very enjoyable stroll.

Mt. Davidson Park is at the crest of the hill and is home to a 103 foot tall cross.  The Armenian Society is the current owner.  The cross and views from the top are absolutely worth the moderately challenging climb up.

Park your car at the corner of Myra Way and Bella Vista Way.  Then climb these steps into the forest and soon you'll be at the top.  Sorry, this peak is not handicap accessible.

This is a picture I took the last time I went all the way to the top for a close-up of the cross.

Okay, back to Sherwood Forest.  The street names do play up the theme.

So do the houses.

The views are pretty nifty from the side of the hill.

Now.  On to Westwood Highlands:  It's tudor style heaven!

Tudor styles EVERYWHERE!

I was admiring this one when the street name caught my eye.

Yep.  It says Colon.

Let's not dwell on the thought of that body part.  Let's instead focus on these insanely cool roses.  Have a great day!


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