3.7 miles in the Mission

I planned this walk for one purpose: tacos!  Everyone knows the Mission is home to dozens of taquerias.

And, of course, the famous tamale lady.

This hotdog stand was right outside the BART station, and almost lured me in with the bacon.  But, I really wanted to get a taco so I resisted.

One problem:  there are no tacos on any of streets I chose to walk.  There were several restaurants, just no taquerias. :(

Fortunately, it's a pretty neighborhood so I could stay distracted from my hunger.  I think it is interesting that this neighborhood makes such a permanent distinction between immigrants...

...and natives.

The Mission is to latin countries as Chinatown is to China.  But unlike Chinatown, several latin countries share the same space so they make efforts (through paint and flags) to keep their separate identities.  I don't know what paw prints have to do with El Salvador, but I like it!

Can someone explain why there are kids floating in the sky in this mural?

I always love seeing these community fence boards.  This one reminded me of the purpose of my walk: tacos!  I decided I was not going home without finding one.

So, I walked out of my way to Brisas de Acapulco on Mission and Cesar Chavez to get dinner.  The food was good and cheap.  Mission accomplished. Yay!


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