1.2 miles on Ocean Beach

 Ocean Beach is the largest stretch of sand in San Francisco.  Every year, the Surfrider Foundation hosts a clean-up.  My brother, Kelly and I decided to help out.  He brought his camera, so the pics in this post are all courtesy of him.
Thank you, Kelly!

The clean-up was held last Saturday, August 14th.  Sorry for the tardiness of this post. :/

The sign-in process is simple: sign a waiver, agree not to touch drug needles with your hands, grab a set of gloves and a plastic bag.

Ocean Beach is surprisingly clean.  It took several minutes of searching to spot this cigarette butt.

I suspected the beach "residents" would be a source of litter.  But, no dice.

After collecting a few cigarette butts and one candy wrapper, I bent down to pet this adorable pup.

I then stood up, walked away and peered inside my bag to discover it was COMPLETELY EMPTY.  I went back to the pup petting spot.  No cigarette butts and no candy wrapper.  Where the H did my litter go?!  I had to start completely from scratch on filling my bag.  Dang it.

We decided to head north on the beach to the Sutro Baths.  Not so much to find litter, but to explore one of our favorite spots in town.

Lo and behold, we hit the litter jackpot at the Sutro Baths! The bushes along the hillside were full of all sorts of garbage - cigarette packs, beer bottles, food wrappers.

We collected a half bag of trash.  Yay! Beach clean-up success!

That hard work totally deserved a breakfast at Louis' (which I will forever call, "bacon with a view").


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