5 miles in Outer Sunset

Look at me on a roll with all my five mile walks!  I don't know what's gotten into me this month.  Anyway, the reason why I decided to walk in this neighborhood was that I needed to return a library book and wanted to check out a new branch in the process.

As I was perusing the San Francisco Public Library website, I noticed the Ortega Library is under construction so service has been moved to a "mini library."  After watching the "Opulence, I has it" commercial from Direct TV with the mini giraffe, I'm totally into mini things.

THIS IS NOT IN THE OUTER SUNSET.  This is the smallest library on earth and it's in France.  I am hoping the Ortega Mini Library is as French and adorable as this one!

When I saw this Mini Market, I knew this was going to be a truly mini-themed walk.

There was a mini elephant on the wall...

...and a mini lady on the sidewalk.

There were shells on a mini driftwood Christmas tree...

...and a mini gnome in a window box.

By the time I got to the Library, I was super psyched!  The full size building is under construction so the mini library is behind, down a side street.  The anticipation welled inside me as I rounded the corner...

Aw, dang it!  This is the Ortega Mini Library...the end unit of a long school building.  My heart sunk as I took this picture, jostling the frame, which explains the blur.  It didn't look French or adorable at all.  This trip was a little anti-climactic.  BUT, I did return my book and I did see how the full-size library will look when it's finished: really super cool.  I'll come back when the full-size library is open for business.


  1. I love your blog! Great posts and wonderful photos! Don't give up on min-libraries, though. :D My favorite mini-libraries in SF are the bookmobiles. If you happen by one while you're on one of your walks, drop in.(Yes, I work for the library.)

  2. What a wonderful blog! A friend of mine discovered your blog and directed me to it. I walk/ride/take pictures on the streets of San Jose. I love the way your blog is organized with the map and the themes and the mileage. You are an inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the support, ladies! I have a crush on libraries and will keep my eye out for the bookmobile.


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