3 miles in Golden Gate Park

Okay, friends - here it is:  The Golden Gate Park walking tour. Well, just a small part of it.  GGP is HUGE!

I know this may shock you to hear, but Golden Gate Park is amazing.  I’m embarrassed to say that while I’ve driven through, visited the museums and attended music festivals in it, I have never actually walked in the park before. I think I waited so long because I assumed it was just another park.  Man, was I wrong. 

Sure you can do typical park stuff like jogging, riding bikes and playing fetch with your dog.  But you can do so much more!  Wait for it…

For starters, you can bring your horses to the Bercut Equitation Field to trot in circles (I assume).  Interesting side note, I actually attended horse camp in Ocala, Florida when I was twelve years old.  I learned how to hitch a buggy, ride Western style and scoop poo.  Good times.

What else?  Oh, you can race your mini yachts on Spreckels Lake and join the SF Model Yacht Club.  I read through the schedule of events to the left of the door and it appears that the mini yacht season has just closed for this year.  I plan to keep a closer eye on their schedule next Spring because, as you know, I’m infatuated with all things mini, and feel that my life would be more complete after watching a mini yacht race.

If you’re not in the mood for anything mini and would prefer something gigantic and mildly stinky, you can check out the bison in their paddock.  There were no bison to be found the day I visited, so maybe they too have a season.  If anyone knows when I can actually see a bison, do share. 

If the park gets to be overwhelming for you and you need to take a breather from the natural beauty, you can escape to an oasis of urban decay.

Speaking of an oasis, I could really go for a treat after walking through the park.  Across the street from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive entrance of the park is the Seaview Restaurant, which is a very lovely Thai restaurant.  Or maybe it’s actually called, Ladda’s Thai Cuisine.  

Well, whatever the establishment is called, the pad thai and Thai iced tea are really tasty and the location is super handy.


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