9 miles in the Embarcadero/Presidio

It's the first week in October, so you know what that means?! It's Glide Bridge to Bridge 12K for Special Olympics time!
Sam, Mai and I fueled up (note the Red Bull in my hand) and gave it our best run/walk try.

This was Sam's first 12K...and she ran it with a cold.
Running with a stuffed nose is hard core.

The best part about the Bridge to Bridge is the killer view. At pretty much every turn, there is something stunning to look at.

One particular item stands out.

Gotta hit Hopper's Hands at the base of the bridge.

If I weren't being timed, I would have stopped to frolick for a few minutes. This lawn has "frolick me" written all over it.

Yay! We did it. Sam's stuffy nose and all. Way to go, ladies!

While we were waiting for my husband to pick us up, we decided to explore inside the Presidio for a few minutes. Whoa. Clearly, there is a lot of really nifty stuff to check out.

Did you know you can actually live in the Presidio?
This is news to me, and I'm intrigued.

I'm adding "live in the Presidio" to my bucket list.
Specifically in this house. LOVE IT.
You know who didn't love it? The little boy who lives in this house.
Note to readers: don't take pictures of the residential houses in the Presidio. Yikes.


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