3.7 miles in Noe Valley/Mission

Seek and you shall find.  I was on the hunt for Christmas decorations and friends said to head to Noe Valley.  It delivered!

The stores and restaurants along 24th Street were nicely decorated.

Here are the standouts:

Best Use of Pine Cones: The Urban Nest SF

Best San Francisco Theme: PlumpJack Wines

Best Use of Retro Lightbulbs: WinkSF

Best Use of a Snoopy Inflatable.

Creepiest Use of Holiday "Ho Ho Ho" Paper: San Francisco Mystery Bookstore

And then there was this mural.  It has nothing to do with the holidays, but it's cool.  It deserves an award too.  How about: Best Use of Teal Spray Paint.


  1. Lock downs are getting old so I revisited the first 16 months or so of your walks.

    Even better the second time! I followed a few links; you'll be pleased to know many are still going concerns. (AND.... inna pickle/jam ships!)

    I was also reminded of what drew me in so long ago:

    Younger Allison loved Tudors and apparently, had to check pay phones for dial tone.

    I've been away from home for almost 50 years... thanks for sharing through new eyes!

    Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you! You are absolutely correct - I was and still am a sucker for Tudors and old pay phones. :) Until I can get back out to SF to walk in person, I, too, will have to vicariously walk through my old blog pictures. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. PS the vids hold up well; next time!


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