2.6 miles in Sea Cliff / Land's End

 If you're having one of those days when you just need to surround yourself in wealth and insane views, then head over to Sea Cliff.  This neighborhood delivers.

I've walked here before.  But the experience never loses its luster.

 Neither do the views.  THE VIEWS!!

 A few details I haven't point out on previous walks: 
1) artistic landscaping,

3) a short walk to the Legion of Honor art museum. (swoon)


  1. Nice shot of the side of Robin Williams' house. We used to trick or treat there. Hired goons would hand out toothbrushes to starstruck kids and adults. RW was never to be seen, at least when I was there.

  2. You missed China Beach??

  3. Nice view... not far from where two golfers heard the screams of my classmate being murdered, but continued playin golf and ignored her screams as she was stabbed 25 times. Nice people in San Francisco. He was known as the Trailside killers 1979.


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