3.1 miles in Inner Sunset

From Washidry to Park Chow, the Inner Sunset has it all.

And I mean ALL.  This is what I call "one stop shopping."

This sign makes me smile.

Yarn looks like lots of fun.  Did I tell you that I tried knitting last year?  I love the idea of it, but I just don't have the patience.  Now if I could walk and knit at the same time...

This neighborhood has some really cozy streets.  With its walk-ups and tree-lined sidewalks, 15th Avenue is the winner.

You can't miss this one.

Approach the door quickly or the vines may grab you.

I don't understand yards like this one, but I enjoy looking at them anyway.

Nothing ends a walk better than a great meal at Park Chow.  I was delighted to see the gluten free corn pasta on the menu.  Yum!


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