2.5 miles in Fort Funston

Oopsie doopsie... I took this walk back in July for the Ocean Beach Bulletin and forgot to post it on my own blog.  Go check out all my nifty hang glider photos over in my OBB column.  After you read this blog post, of course.

 For this post, I'll just focus on the dogs of Fort Funston.  Despite it being a rather dangerous place for pooches, tons of people bring their dogs to run around this park.
 There are little dogs...

There are big dogs...

And there are curious dogs.  As well as curious brothers. (My brother, Kelly, wanted to know what was inside the bunker.  He found a way in through the back - camera right - and reported that the bunker has been the home to many a vagabond and teen drinking party.  In other words, it's grody in there).


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