2.2 miles in the Inner Richmond

 I'm baaaAAAaaack!  I never left the city, I just had to take some time off of walking while I figured out how to balance my work and family life now that we have Dumplin Bean in the mix.  Part of the solution was transitioning to a part-time work schedule which opens up a few afternoons a week.  Like today!
 The bean and I headed to the Inner Richmond on the hunt for Grade-A Christmas decorations.

 Sadly, this neighborhood did not deliver.

 I think it says something about holiday spirit when the most decorated place in a six-block radius is The Heath.
 We didn't let the lack of cheer get us down, though.  
We found plenty of interesting things to look at.

Especially at this house.  I always marvel at homes that put random crap on display in the front window.  Who are they intended for? 
Me, I assume.

Merry Christmas to you if I don't get another walk in this week!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. I was walking in my neighborhood a few nights ago (Fullerton, CA) I noticed 1/4th of the usual lights are up this year, my thought of less lights is due to the economics.. Myself I've been unemployed now for 8 months. Last Christmas I did make it up to SF and noticed a lot less lights all around in the commercial retail hot spots and hotels.. It was a little disappointing. Just grab the person next to you and give them a warm hug.

  2. Hi, happy to have stumbled upon your site. Can you post an explanation of how you are overlaying all of your walk maps onto one master map? Sorry if it's in the archives and I haven't found it!

  3. Stumbled upon your beautiful blog. Loved seeing your view of the streets of SF.

  4. 2011 quotes:

    I'm baaaAAaaack!

    We were so slow, we ended up behind the sweeper trucks.

    She's still just a little 5lb squirt.

    Now if I could just walk and knit at the same time.

    The cow is perfect.

    I NEED THIS HOUSE (a Tudor).

    I'm a big fan of the Tipsy Pig.

    Good thing we have the cannon because just off shore I spotted a pirate ship!

    On the official scale known globally as Would Allison B... live here

    Who knew the neighborhood was such a party scene?



    Surprise! I had a baby last week.

    2011 review complete - marvelous.

    All over the city, morning, day and evening tales... food and humor...

    Excellent travelogue!


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