1.3 miles in Merced Manor

Why is it taking so darn long for me to finish this neighborhood?  Geesh.  I've been out here like five times now.  I'm starting to think my walks are cursed in this hood.  Today, the weather was STUNNING so I decided to take Dumplin' Bean for a stroll.  But when we got out here, the wind picked up something fierce which made her ride kinda suck.  So we made a few laps before calling it quits.

In case you're just joining us - Merced Manor is the land of perfectly manicured lawns.

The houses are all very well groomed which gives the neighborhood a very homogenous feel.  (While nice, makes for a rather uninspiring walk.)

So you can imagine our excitement when we came upon this pile of edamame shells!

This is Dumplin' Bean's "we just found a pile of edamame shells on the ground" face.


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