2.7 Miles in Golden Gate Park

After a rainy week, my sister-in-law, Sam and I decided to take our kids over to Golden Gate Park to get some fresh air and play on the playground.

Hey look - there's Sam and her son!  He started preschool this week, so decided to bring along his new lunch box.  He had it filled with all the essentials: a cardboard robot, a leaf he found by the car, and a piece of yarn.
I was busy pushing a stroller so didn't get any pics between the car and the playground.  Sorry! It was a really scenic walk - lots of damp trees and even a squirrel hopping around.  Very  cute.
You know what else is cute?  My daughter trying out a swing for the first time.  I think she dug it.
Oops! I forgot to mention that our friend Heather also joined us for the walk and playground fun.  I think this is a great picture of her and Dumplin' Bean.
It started to get cold and windy so we cut our walk short in front of the Cal Academy of Science.  Otherwise, I could have walked for hours.  This park is so darn pretty!  Next time...


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