604 Miles Walked Since I Started This Crazy Project in 2009!

I started walking the streets of San Francisco back in the fall of 2009 and plowed through 500 miles of the 1000 or so miles of city streets by mid-2012.  And then I moved away. :(

BUT! Every so often, I fly back to the City to visit and each time I do, I squeeze in walks to keep chipping at my goal.  On recent visits, I've tooled around Outer Sunset, Inner Richmond, the Tenderloin, and Golden Gate Park which I have added to my master map.  As of this moment, I have walked a total of 604.6 miles. Go me!


  1. Thumbs up on this! If ever there was a city to be walked, it's San Francisco.

  2. Thanks! I couldn't agree more. :)


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