2.9 Miles in Inner Richmond

I'm back in the Bay for a few days, so I strong-armed my husband  into walking with me in the Inner Richmond.  BECAUSE...

...this walk filled in remaining hole of the Richmond District!  This entire district is dunzo. 
(The other hole you see on 30th Ave is a school campus that consumes two square blocks.)

I have really enjoyed walking around the Richmond District. 
The streets are tree-lined, orderly, and the vibe is very family-friendly.

Since Halloween was this weekend, we saw plenty of cute decorations around the neighborhood.

Our favorite was the driveway shark attack.

This is a primarily residential area, but there are a few small businesses: a yoga studio, a Safeway grocery store, a cafe, and a few churches.

The cool part about living in this hood is that you have DIRECT access to Golden Gate Park on Fulton.  As it happened, the day we walked was a car-free day in the park.

Since the De Young Museum is just inside the park entrance, we decided to run in for a cup of coffee and a treat. This cafe has a fantastic offering of gluten free goodies and an array of drinks from hot coffee drinks to champagne splits.

After our refueling at the De Young cafe, we did a few more laps around the neighborhood before heading back to the car.  This is not our car, but I kind of wish it was.

Big thanks to my husband (who hates walking) for tagging along on this walk.

And here's a picture of me (who loves walking) trucking along past some very colorful houses.


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