2.9 Miles in the Outer Sunset

Yikes! I almost forgot to post this walk.  The girls and I took a 2.9 mile walk in the Outer Sunset when we were in the City earlier this month and it was unique because 4 year old Goose rode the entire course on her balance bike.  And there were hills...

I noticed on the map that this area, while situated smack in the middle of the Outer Sunset, is also called Doelger City.  After a quick search, I learned that a builder named Henry Doelger designed and built thousands of these stucco single-family houses in the Outer Sunset between the 1920s-1940s, making each one slightly different color and trim so each family felt they had a unique home. 

This particular neighborhood pays tribute to Doelger's legacy, and does so very nicely.  While it's easy to say that row after row of these homes makes the Sunset District feel monotonous, the truth is, if you look closely, each house is slightly different. Like big stucco snowflakes.

Besides Doelger houses, you can always count on the Sunset District for kid-friendly sidewalks.  Goose wanted to ride her bike on one of our walks so I knew this area would be a good fit.  Ladybug cruised in her stroller while Goose forged the way down the wide, quiet sidewalks.

This neighborhood is mostly residential, but there are businesses along Judah.  There are also a few pieces of public art like this large mural of the Golden Gate Bridge.

An exciting spot along the walk was Lawton Elementary School. Not only was it covered in really cool murals, but we wandered past just as several hundred kids were being released to go home, creating exciting pandemonium to walk through.

 My mind's eye remembered this neighborhood being flatter than it actually is. So poor Goose beefed out when she lost control down one of the hills.  After a hug and a bandage, she was back up and rolling.

At the end of our walk, we stopped in to play at the most excellent Sunset Park playground.  The rec center has clean bathrooms and the playground is designed well for preschoolers...

...and 34 year olds who like to ride on teeter-totters.


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