4.5 Miles in the Sunset

I was in town for a fast work weekend, but woke up my tired self early Sunday morning and Munied over to the Sunset to fill in a very important hole in my master map...

As of right now, I am TOTALLY DONE with the rectangle of land west of the Sunset Blvd between Lincoln and Taraval.  I call this area "Outer Sunset" but there is major discrepancy online as to where the neighborhood divides between Outer Parkside, Outer Sunset and just plain old Sunset. 

 In any case, I'm done with THE RECTANGLE, whatever it's called. (That big empty space along Sunset Blvd. that I walked around is a school campus).

As usual for this mostly residential neighborhood, there isn't much to photograph. And Sunday was pretty gray and windy, so I hustled through.

One very large point of interest, the West Sunset Playground, is getting a mega renovation right now.

 There are some large construction vehicles to look at, if that's your thing.

In addition to filling in a two-mile gap west of Sunset Blvd., I had just enough time to snake through a few blocks east of Sunset between 33rd and 22nd Avenues.  Abraham Lincoln High School is in that hood, and it caught my attention with its super tall silhouettes of Abe on the corner of the building, and...

...this guy in the side yard fashioned out of a tree stump.

As a prize for hoofing all over the Sunset on a cold Sunday morning, I was treated to a fantastic brunch at the Olympic Club by a lawyer friend of mind.  The views of the city from the Oly Club property are really fantastic. The brunch was very nice, too!


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