2.3 Miles in Forest Hills

If you can find a parking spot in the little neighborhood of Forest Hills between Golden Gate Park and the UCSF Parnassus campus on a weekend, buy a lotto ticket because you're lucky.  Then, take this walk because it's charming and a walk down memory lane for me.  Read on to find out why... 

 The row houses are tidy and the sidewalks are wide so this walk is easy to walk with dogs, kids or strollers.  This neighborhood is close to Muni lines, Golden Gate Park, restaurants and shops.

I also very much enjoy the community vibe of this neighborhood with its public seating that encourages meeting together on the street corner...

...and its inspiring garage doors. 

After a quick walk around this neighborhood, you can't help but feel a little more hopeful which is handy, because... 

... this hood is home to UCSF Parnassus, a big, old hospital with a NICU unit where my first baby, Goose, was born prematurely and where she spent her first 16 days.  Way back then (eight whole years ago!), it was nice to stroll these pleasant streets to stretch my legs and destress while I clocked so many hours in that building. So these streets are rather nostalgic for me.

Here is Goose back in those UCSF NICU days fighting to breathe...

And here she is today: a strong and talented, perfectly healthy 8-year-old!  I am most grateful to the talented UCSF doctors and nurses who saved her life way back when. :)


  1. A nice walk... but:

    A marvelous expression of gratitude!

    And... you're the mom of a native San Franciscan!


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