1.8 miles in Yerba Buena

I know, I know...1.8 miles is really pathetic.  I think that's the average distance people walk inside a mall while shopping.  The problem is that the weather turned really lame this evening.  As I was walking, the sky turned gray and the temp dropped at least ten degrees which made it so uncomfy to walk without a jacket that I had to hop the train to head home early.  Sigh...

I cut through the financial district down New Montgomery to Harrison and then looped back up 3rd Street.  The financial district is pretty classy but a few alleys of grodiness are tucked in there.

Ooh, this one is really interesting.  Well, not as interesting as the donut statue from yesterday, but close...

I like this one - a headless giant.  Right?

The neighborhood gets funkier as you walk south of Market Street...

The streets have weirder names down there too.

The one really cool thing on Harrison and 3rd - Whole Foods!

Third Street is actually really awesome.  The Yerba Buena center, Moscone Center, Metreon, SFMOMA, shopping and dining are all down this street. 

There is even a History of California Pioneers museum.  This one is going to the top of my to-do list.

I would have been completely confused if they hadn't told me.

I hate to say it, but these trees and they gray skies made it look and feel just like Ohio.  :(

Ohio doesn't have a Yerba Buena carousel, though.

The fog is just getting rediculous.  I'm throwing in the towel on this walk.


  1. Hey - 1.8 miles is better than 0 miles! Plus it seems like you got in lots of walks this week! How's the weather holding up?? btw - with all the pictures, it looks much farther than 1.8 miles!


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