5 miles in South Beach

Attention world, it rained in San Francisco today.  Seriously.  It was really gross.  By 3pm, I thought for sure my prospects of walking were shot but by 5pm, the clouds parted and I threw on my sneakers to hit the very very wet pavement.

A few weeks ago, I cut through the edge of South Beach on the way to the AT&T Stadium and thought the area was gorgeous.  And it is...for the most part.

There are a bunch of well constructed brick buildings and factories repurposed into office suites.

There is a ton of public art in this area.  Very abstract.  Very large.

This one is my favorite because of the complex and intriguing nature of the piece.  That donut is so emotionally moving...

So about this time, I was thoroughly enjoying the walk and talking on the phone.  I thought these statues were really neat and thoughtlessly crossed the street.  The street itself was fine, it was what was about two blocks down the other side of the street that got me into trouble...

Whah...whah.  Walking on or anywhere near freeway entrance ramps is bad.  The matter was made worse by the fact that...wait for it....

...this was to my left and...

...this was to my right. :(  I cringed doing it, but I had to backtrack two long blocks to get back to civilization and out of the eight lanes of traffic.

Coming up 2nd Street, I passed this place and it looks like tons of fun inside.  There are in fact 40 bikes inside the bar.  Sweet!

I think the designer of the Men's Wearhouse building really likes his mom.

Boudin Bakery marks the 5 mile finish line at the Montgomery BART station.  I've heard this bread is the best sourdough in town.  I'm celiac and don't eat the stuff so don't ask me how it tastes.  It does smell pretty good though. 


  1. The "MOM" building made me laugh out loud!

  2. I love that you took all those pictures by the freeway! I would have freaked out too and turned around - bad intersections :) Oh, and love the abstract art!


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