2.7 miles in the Financial District

I have just about covered all of  the Financial District now.  I feel like I've beaten the same paths repeatedly but tonight I found a few streets I hadn't been down before.  It rained for most of the day so it was dandy timing that the rain let up around 4pm so I could get in a nice stroll after work.

People from my office have gotten birthday cakes from Madeline's bakery and really like them.  I'm Celiac so haven't tasted anything from there to give my two cents.  I can tell you that it smells good in there, though.

The streets between Battery and Grant are funny because they connect the Financial district to Chinatown.  Huge banks meet...

...awesome gift shops.  This place definitely needs to keep more products in stock.

One of my favorite buildings in this area is the Old Saint Mary's church on the corner of California and Grant.  http://www.oldsaintmarys.org/  They host concerts on Tuesdays at noon.  I'm going to have to clear a Tuesday afternoon sometime because it would be fun to check one out.

Ooh, it's like we're on a tropical island...sort of.

I searched diligently and found no shells.  Nada.

Winston is such a hunk.

I'm a big fan of historical placards.

Whoa. Dude.  I  can't even imagine how many man hours went into carving this thing.

Neo and Trinity called.  They want their coats back.

My sister-in-law read about this place in a magazine.  We've gotten treats in here before and definitely approve. 

This patriotic eagle is on the old Post Office building on Spear Street.

Fun art on the corner across from Boulevard Restaurant.

Yes, I went to the website because I was curious.  Go check it out.  It's pretty sweet.


  1. The giant, upward shadow makes the eagle looks more than a little menacing. Eesh.


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