3.2 miles on Russian Hill

I got a bug in my bonnet to walk down the squiggly part of Lombard last night.  The trick is that to go down the squiggly part, I had to walk up the hill behind it first.  Pretty intense but only a small part of the walk.  Going to, I cut through North Beach and coming back, I cut through Chinatown.

Oooh!  They were having an open house and I almost got up the courage to go inside.  But, I had places to be so I just walked on.

So romantic.

So, I'm not going to say that the squiggly part of Lombard was disappointing to walk down...I'm just going to say that the effect is lost going 3 miles an hour.  This is definitely much better in a car.  Also, it's much better in the daytime when you can actually see what's going on.  That said, I did it and I'm crossing it off my list.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but is this the longest street name ever?

Chinatown likes hanging food on display.

While I'm not fond of hanging death, the ducks are growing on me.

Oh, come on!  Too far.  Too far.  Inappropriate.

Again, so romantic.

Yes, it still has a dial tone.


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