2.8 miles in the Marina District

The Marina District is pretty big.  Bigger than I can walk in one trip.  So, here is what we'll call the West Marina tour.  The houses around here are large and in charge.  The wind is strong, whipping off the Bay.  The views are killer.  It's an intense neighborhood.

This was the Griswald house of the neighborhood.  Totally classy, but just had the most lights out of everyone.

Most houses look like this.

The southern edge of this neighborhood skirts Lombard Street, which is a main drag peppered with stores, restaurants and hotels.  The age of these establishments ranges anywhere from brand new to relics like this Bed & Breakfast & Bar.

I wish I was in the market for some raw meat tonight because this place, called Marina Meats, had a really pretty selection of...well, meats.  Since moving from Florida, I am on the hunt for fresh fish and this place had a wide variety.  Not cheap, but at least there was a variety.

A friend of mine has two daughters that attend this school.  It really does have a nice campus.  I especially love the little flower gardens the children planted along the front of the building.

The best part of this walk is seeing the Palace of Fine Arts at night.

I can't decide if it's cooler than seeing it in the daylight.

Here it is from across the pond, from Baker Street.  Oooooohhhh Aaaaahhhh.
I'll leave you with that.


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