3 miles in Cow Hollow

Yay! I got to walk tonight, despite it being freakishly cold in San Francisco today.  I've driven around Cow Hollow before and even eaten in some of the restaurants.  I've been looking forward to the walk since it's such a nice neighborhood.


Union Street runs through the center of this neighborhood and is a solid string of cutesy shops and cafes.

With Christmas around the corner,  the windows are all a-glitter which makes me want to eat them up.

Very cool looking baby store.

Speaking of eating things up, it's important to note that the Amici's Pizza in Cow Hollow serves a gluten free crust and it's crazy good.  A bit pricy but worth it.  Yum!!

Forever on the hunt for gluten free foods, I stopped in and looked around the neighborhood's health food store.  This one gets a big thumbs up for having plenty of gf stuff.  They even had a bag of gf oats that I've been looking for.  Score!

I love the sign on this theater.  It's such a treat to see a fully lit neon sign.

Here's more neon to enjoy.  I haven't been in Mel's yet but need to the next time I've got a burger and shake craving.

The area isn't all commercial, actually most of it is residental.  But I walked in the dark so it's hard to see much.  I am posting this picture to evidence how steep some of the hills got.  This particular sidewalk was on Green Street between Divisadero and Scott.  Stairs = for realz steep.

The housing in the area is way above average.  Tidy apartment buildings are mixed in with some honkin big houses.

I was hoping to see more Christmas lights but this house was about the only one on the block to give me any.  I'm going to have to research where the good lights are so I can be sure to see them this month.


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