3.4 miles in The Haight

Friends have raved about the Haight long enough.  I had to see it for myself.  Based on its proximity to the Panhandle (a known bum hangout), I decided to take my brother along for the walk...


...I'm glad I did because there were alot of homeless people milling on street corners in this area.  That said, Haight Street and the surrounding houses are really cool.

My brother is a musician (Hotel Eden:http://www.hoteledenmusic.com/) so he insisted on taking a quick lap through the inside of Amoeba.

The place is super cool inside!  It's a sea of CDs, tapes (yes, tapes) and good old fashioned records. 

Sorry, I was so fascinated by the porpoise people that I forgot the name of the place, but they sell specialty screenprinted clothes and whatnot.

This is a fun place for girls to get prettied up for a hot night on the town.

The neighborhood also has a lot of great food.  North Beach Pizza smelled amazing.  Sigh...Dang you, gluten! DANG YOU!!  I dream that one day NBP will have a gluten-free crust and I can partake in that awesomeness too.  For now, I will just stick to Amici's in the Marina District.

Like the Mission, this area LOVES murals.  They are really good too.

I don't know what to make of this one but it sure is colorful...

I also noticed that the residents in this area have opinions and like to share them.  Hands off the cactus.

One can only assume they mean directly outside this window?  Then again, the blinds are cocked for peaking, so maybe it's reverse psychology?  One could ponder this all day...

Sigh...what does this mean?  Illiteration is so shocking.

Okay, I rarely take pictures of myself so here you go.  We'll call this one "a real keeper."


  1. I like that last picture, but I am confused about why the double cheeseburger is a vampire.

  2. Well, my theory about red meat is killed by the beef taco so that leaves me perplexed as well... To be fair, the dental health of all the foods is questionable - those might not be fangs at all, but simply the only teeth remaining.


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