DECEMBER STATS: 18.6 miles

DECEMBER 2009: 18.6 miles

The good: I passed the 100 mile mark. 
The bad: I wanted to walk more this month but daylight savings time (I'm totally milking that one), holidays and persistant coughs kept me from it. 
The ugly: I'm going on vacation for the next week which blows 1/4 of my walking time this month so I won't be able to log any more time until January.
So even though there is a week of December left, I'm posting my monthly stats now since I won't be walking the streets of San Francisco before the new year. Have no fear, my sister is going to be visiting me the entire month of January and we have big plans of walking A LOT. So tune in next month for tons of mileage.  Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. WAY TO GO!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :) I'll be a Georgie Peach for two weeks in Jan....let me know any good places I need to hit up!


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