Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 mile through Chinatown to Union Square

My sister and I took this walk on Tuesday but I forgot to post the pics.  It was a short shopping trip after work that almost doesn't count as a bonafide walk, but a mile is indeed a mile so here it is.

We took Clay Street up to Grant to check out a few trinket stores.  I actually found what I was looking for (a Mr. Burns bobble-head). 

I LOVE that hat.  I was tempted to get it for my nephew but he's blonde so might look out of place.

Cute window display on Post.

Next time you're in Union Square, take a stroll through the HUGE Levi's Store.  It's pretty fun.  Besides a ton of clothes to sell, they have these fun America nooks to sit and look at.

Ooh, here's the Anti-Bac ad campaign that my brother did the audio work for! Go to if you want to listen to his commercial audio stuff.

Mom would LOVE it if you bought that...

I realized at the BART station that we never got a picture of us the night we actually saw Wicked.  This is going to have to do.

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