1 mile through Chinatown to Union Square

My sister and I took this walk on Tuesday but I forgot to post the pics.  It was a short shopping trip after work that almost doesn't count as a bonafide walk, but a mile is indeed a mile so here it is.

We took Clay Street up to Grant to check out a few trinket stores.  I actually found what I was looking for (a Mr. Burns bobble-head). 

I LOVE that hat.  I was tempted to get it for my nephew but he's blonde so might look out of place.

Cute window display on Post.

Next time you're in Union Square, take a stroll through the HUGE Levi's Store.  It's pretty fun.  Besides a ton of clothes to sell, they have these fun America nooks to sit and look at.

Ooh, here's the Anti-Bac ad campaign that my brother did the audio work for! Go to http://www.scorechamber.com/ if you want to listen to his commercial audio stuff.

Mom would LOVE it if you bought that...

I realized at the BART station that we never got a picture of us the night we actually saw Wicked.  This is going to have to do.


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