2 miles in St. Francis Wood

I have prepared the following excuses for why this walk was short:  I had to work most of the weekend and it has been raining.  There, glad I got that off my chest.

I also need to say this right away:  I have a huge crush on this neighborhood.

From the second I entered this neighborhood, I knew it was for me.  These houses are the kind you want to go to for Thanksgiving dinner.  So readers, if any of you live in St. Francis Wood, please invite me to Thanksgiving dinner just one time.  That would complete my world.


I think what makes this neighborhood so cool is that old...

...meets new so seemlessly.

The other thing that is fantastic about this area is the landscaping.  The trees are HUGE.

There are some nice public features in this neighborhood.  This fountain is one...

...and this grassy park is another.

I have an announcement:  As I walked along Maywood Drive, I happened upon this Tudor, my dreamhouse.  My dreamhouse in my dreamneighborhood.  Ahh...

I'm a sucker for Tudors, but they have to be the traditional colors.  This one is a bit too contemporary for me but I could learn to love it because of the awesome tree in the front lawn.

You know, if I were to guess where chocolate lived, I would have totally picked this house.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this crazy looking tree.  Enjoy.


  1. Hello from another person who is (slowly) walking every street in San Francisco. You have great pictures of your walk!

    Eric (http://enf.livejournal.com)


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