2.7 miles in Glen Park

Take a moment to look at the map above.  As you can see, tonight's walk started on the wrong foot: crossing accidently over San Jose Ave, a major vein through the area. 

The problem started when I asked for directions and the response was entirely in another language.  We misunderstood the hand gestures and ended up crossing San Jose at a light and realized three blocks later that the only way to cross back was to either backtrack or walk above the highway on the walkover.  Have you seen the movie, Gummo? It was like that.  My sister didn't like it.

The walkover wasn't sooo bad; it did have this nifty stencil painted on it.

Okay, Glen Park.  The cool street in the middle of the Glen Park neighborhood is Chenery Street.

There is a string of great shops and restaurants on Chenery, including Perch, a super cool store filled with unique notecards and gifts.

This place looked really cute.  The French menu isn't the most celiac-friendly, but I would definitely stop in for some creme brulee.

This place is called Eggettes and is a really interesting desert spot.  They have a wide array of uniquely flavored teas and shakes and then this topping bar to design these waffle cone/cakey (totally glutenous) things that are sort of shaped like eggs and smell awesome.

One important thing to note about Glen Park: the high incidence of holistic medicine/yoga/pilates places in the neighborhood.  This is the place to go if you need your shakras realigned.

While waiting for the BART, I spotted this Avon Walk poster and it renewed my excitement about the walk. Whoot.


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