4 miles in South Sunset

The Sunset neighborhoods never cease to surprise me.  I fear every time I walk one that I'm going to be bored by the rows and rows of residential blocks, but I never am.  Each neighborhood is memorable.  Absolutely no offense to the residents of South Sunset but the one word that comes to mind when I think of it is...


I mean, a lot of rust.  To be fair, these streets are mere yards from the Pacific Ocean so the salt content in the air is high.

The grass is surprisingly salt resistant though.

Vincente is lined with all sorts of unique storefronts.

This place looks fun.

Uh, oh...looks like someone was dumped for a Swiffer.  Let her go, man.  Let her go.  :(

The Hatfields and McCoys of hauling.

The most exciting feature of this neighborhood, of course, is the San Francisco Zoo.  If you haven't been, I'm ordering you to go because the giraffe paddock is huge and the penguins are hilarious.

Not to be ignored, however, is the public ball park on 40th Ave.  Holy smokes, it is so cool.

I wish I owned a baseball bat.

Oh, yeah.  And then of course there's the beach.  No big deal.

I could hang out here all day.

The security system must be disarmed.


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