2.8 miles in Sunnyside

It's been raining all week.  Today (FINALLY) the sun made an appearance.  In honor of this special occasion, I wanted to walk in a "sunny" neighborhood, ergo today's walk in Sunnyside.

This neighborhood likes to hold onto the classics.


But sometimes, it's good to let go.

That is one pathetic looking console. :/

Have you ever seen that movie, The Burbs?...

(yes, there was evidence of people currently living inside)

Okay, if that last house terrified you, then wash your eyes with this place.  I love that this neighborhood embraces color.

This one is my favorite.

Now on to the institutional buildings portion of the tour.

The focal point is, of course, City College.  It takes up a large chunk of the neighborhood.

I am impressed with the horticulture department.  There is a huge garden area growing all sorts of nifty plants in back.

The athletic field is also above average for a community college.

The only church in this neighborhood.

Dang it! I have been asking around for weeks if anyone knew of a crab fest.  Lo and behold, it was YESTERDAY!  Sigh...next year, Finn Barr.  Next year.

Okay.  I am gonna tally up my February miles for the next post.  In the meantime, enjoy this nerd humor.


  1. Thanks for making me have to google that bumpersticker so I wouldn't feel dumb. LOL!


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