2.8 miles on Russian Hill

Good ol' Russian Hill...Maybe it was a little ambitious to tackle this hill after working all day AND after walking 10 miles the previous day.  I admit that now.  Unfortunately, I learned it the hard way.  While I didn't actually barf on the top of the hill, I got really close.  Thankfully, I had some snacks in my bag to get myself under control.  Now that you have that lovely mental picture, let's get on with the walk:

This neighborhood is steep.  Buildings add to the verticality by being multiple stories tall for the best views.

And they are amazing views.

Oooh, aaah...

This one is nice too.

Back to the steep thing...You can't really get a feel for how hard it is to climb these sidewalks until you try it for yourself.  But the angles of this street give you the gist.

I'm no expert, but I declare this intersection to be the summit of Russian Hill.

So, you may have noticed that I haven't shared any pictures of restaurants or stores.  That's because there are none in this neighborhood.  There are, however, a few schools.  Get this - the Galileo Academy is a public school.  I went to their website and clicked around.  They have all these specialty programs just like college or a fancy private school - like hospitality and medical science - but it appears to be free.  Nice.

And here is a branch of the City College.  It was right about here that I couldn't walk anymore and had to take a bus back to BART.

Therefore, I'll leave you with this lovely sunset shot.  Have a swell day.


  1. Allison: Please contact me. I'm trying to reach you for a story I'm writing for the Chronicle about walking every street... I finished in March...
    - Tom [tg_journalist@comcast.net]


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