3 miles in Western Addition and Lower Pacific Heights

2 for 1 Special! This post is two walks in one.  Because the neighborhoods of Western Addition and Lower Pacific Heights are so small, I just walked both in one fell swoop.  Your keen eye has probably noticed that I cut Post Street short by five blocks...yes, smarty pants, I did.  I had to get home to watch Human Target. Don't judge.

Okay - the walk.  This is a cute area.  The houses have style.

This one is my favorite.

There are tons of really cute shops...


This area also has some very pretty churches.

Okay, maybe 'pretty' isn't the right word...

'Insanely attractive' may be a better way to describe St. Dominic's, which gives Grace Cathedral a run for its money.  Gorgeous.

Of course, this neighborhood has its share of arts...

and culture.

But hopefully you don't need to make any calls...

because this neighborhood does not have a dial tone.

On the bright side, it will have smooth pavement pretty soon!


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