1 mile in The Mission

I apologize if you are completely confused by the last three posts.  This is leg 3 of a 3-part walk I took last Friday and I took my sweet time posting it so now it just looks like a really lame 1-mile walk in a circle for no reason.  UGH!  The truth is, I walked over 4 miles on Friday evening but in three neighborhoods so made the executive decision to break the walk into the separate neighborhoods.  Deal with it.

To be honest with you, the dividing lines of the three neighborhoods are blurry to me, so I'm counting Cafe du Nord (very awesome music venue) as in The Mission, but maybe it's not.  Someone set me straight, please.

Is this a church or a chain email?

I wonder if this is the school where the kids play musical chairs with enough chairs for everyone so no one feels left out.  Seriously, I read that someplace.  Freakonomics, maybe?

Another mural.

And a rad cat.


  1. "EXPECT a miracle"?! Seriously?!?!


    No wonder no one in this city goes to church.

    Upside... that cat is HELLA rad!

  2. I think I would say that Cafe Du Nord is in the Castro, myself (especially if the eastern boundary of the Castro is Dolores Street, as you say in the previous post), but I think you could also make a strong case for it being in the Duboce Triangle.

  3. Aha! I knew someone would be able to set me straight on the Cafe du Nord location. Thanks!


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