15.4 miles in Ingleside, Etc.

Yeah, this was a 15.4 mile walk.  NBD.  Actually, it was a huge deal.  It took me almost seven hours to walk it in the heat and on the hills.  Let's not understate the hills.

There were hills.  Like a laughable amount of steep hills.  And this is after I just swore I would never do an endurance walk on hills again. Fail.

Bygones.  This pocket of southwest San Francisco is divided into four neighborhoods:


Ingleside Terrace,

Merced Heights,

and Oceanview.

There are definite socio-economic differences between these neighborhoods.

Oceanview has buildings that look like this...

...while Ingleside Terrace has building that look like this.

I think the churches provide the greatest contrast.


Ingleside Terrace.

Despite their differences, all of these neighborhoods have common bonds:

1. Killer views.

2. Beautiful gardens.

3.  Well maintained public parks.

4.  Totally random stuff on their sidewalks.

4.1.  And in their yards.

4.2.  And on their fences.

4.3.  And in their yards AND on their fences.  (Yikes, dude.  We get it.)

5.  Passion for Christmas decorations.  In April.

For serious.

6. And last but not least, great libraries.

That's about it for this walk.

Yep, it's still 206.


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