2.3 miles on Telegraph Hill

This walk was all about Coit Tower, not distance on surface streets.  I've been wanting to climb the steps of Telegraph Hill and yesterday seemed like the perfect day for it.

I took the Filbert Steps.

Silly me thought these were it.  Ha!

When  I got to the top of the first set of stairs, I found...more stairs!

And more stairs...


Ugh. The last of the steps.  I made it!

The inside of Coit Tower is covered in murals painted by Diego Rivera students and depict early 20th century blue collar workers in action.  The history behind this Public Works project is worth a read: http://www.sftravel.com/coit-tower-san-francisco.html

This is me admiring the coal miner's butt.

It is $5 to take the elevator to the top of Coit Tower.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  This is the view of the financial district from the top.  My office building is dead center, by the way.

A view of Alcatraz.  Ooh, aah!

Christopher Columbus likes the view of Alcatraz too.

The stairs heading back down Telegraph Hill were more awkward but less painful to get through.


Before I knew it, I was back at the bottom of the hill and on my way to Bart.  Good night, Coit Tower!


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