6 miles in Eureka Valley

This was a more aggressive walk than I anticipated. :/ The side of the hill I walked was lumpy so it wasn't all down hill.  It was irratically up and down, up and down. Blarg.  You know why I'm calling this neighborhood 'Eureka Valley'?

Because this mural says so.

It could be lying, though.  I don't know.

Whatever it's called,
this neighborhood is between The Castro...

and Twin Peaks.

This is a walk-over ramp to cross Market Street (a rather large street, btw) which hugs the hillside to the west of this neighborhood.  The houses around Grand View Ave. and 21st Street are essentially under the overpass.  Bad location, you ask?  Actually no [in my opinion], because the sound of the rushing traffic overhead sounds identical to crashing ocean waves.  So in an abstract way, it's like these are ocean front homes.

In a very abstract way.

As a whole, the houses are very orderly in this area.

A few stand-outs are this paint job...

...and this entryway.  Crisp and clean always win me over.

Of course, I'm a sucker for churches.  This one is lovely.

And this one is important because my husband's family is Latvian.  And we're Lutheran.  Double win! The only catch with this church is that all services are in Latvian, which we don't speak...Err.  Oh, well.  Still glad I found the building.  If you want to know more about Latvians in the Bay Area, check out their website: http://www.lvnc.org/LVNC_home/Welcome.html

Check this place out.  I so wish it was open when I walked past.  It's got A LOT going on.

So much going on, that I had to take a picture of both windows.  Love it!

Okay, I'll leave you with this question: what is the difference between a 'Park' and an 'Open Space?'


  1. A park usually has amenities such as rest rooms, drinking fountains, often a play area for children or a picnic area, etc. By contrast, an open space is pretty much undeveloped, with walking paths and little else.

    Keep on walkin'! :)

  2. Aha! I knew someone would have the answer. Thank you!


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