APRIL 2010: 83.9 miles

Well, what do you think of that? I had no idea I was so close to 300 miles until I added it all up this morning. Sweet!  Okay, so my goals for April were to finish the Sunset District (done), walk at least 50 miles (done) and do a 15 mile walk (done TWICE!).  I feel really good about all of this.

May is going to be really exciting.  My schedule is pretty hectic this month, but I would like to do one 20 mile walk and knock out the following neighborhoods. 

1.  Marina District
2.  Russian Hill
3.  North Beach
4.  Alamo Square
5.  Jefferson Square
6.  Cole Valley
7.  Hayes Valley
8.  Forest Knolls
9.  Twin Peaks West
10.  Sunnyside/Westwood Highlands
11.  Merced/SFSU
12.  Diamond Heights
13.  Glen Canyon
14.  Mission/Precita
15.  Potrero

You may notice that these neighborhoods are all west of I-280 and that I haven't walked any of the neighborhoods to the east of the highway.  Without getting into it, let's just say that safety statistics are not in my favor for walking alone in those neighborhoods.  So for the purposes of my challenge, my goal is to walk in every neighborhood west of the I-280 before the Avon Walk in June. Fair enough?  Good.


  1. Let me know if you ever want a walking buddy! I may not have super human strength to protect us from crazy bums, but I do have some nun chuck skillz!


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