6 miles in Glen Park/Miraloma

 An astute reader noted that my Bernal Heights map looks like a cave drawing of an anteater.  I think that this one looks like a vacuum cleaner.  What do you think it looks like?

While you ponder that, let's get on with the walk.  O'Shaugnessy Blvd. runs through Glen Canyon and offers a very different perspective of San Francisco - a woodsy one.

The canyon looks like fun to explore.  It also looks like a place where snakes live.

At the western edge of the canyon, there is a school.

The School of the Arts (http://www.sfsota.org/), to be precise.  Admission to this high school is by audition only.  The arts include creative writing, film, theater, fine arts, music, vocal and dance.

There is another "school" of art at nearby Miraloma Elementary.  Students here participate in the scrap garden (a fence covered in scraps).

They are actually kind of cool.

And here are two graduates of some sort of art school.

Here's another alumni!

As I got to this park, it occurred to me that this entire walk has been really generic.  Meaning, there is nothing about this neighborhood that screams SAN FRANCISCO.  The street and park names were no help.  I figured if anything were going to feel like San Francisco, it would be the views.  So I went on a hunt for good views...


I found this secret path out to a ledge that offers a nice panorama (if you ask nicely, I'll tell you where it is).

But while the view is lovely, it is still generic.  (From this angle, you can see Excelsior/Daly City)

If you turn and look to the north, all you can see are the backs of houses in Diamond Heights.

And down off of Mangels Ave., you get this nice sweeping view to the south (of City College and Ingleside), but again, it's oddly ambiguous.  That isn't a bad thing.  This neighborhood just sort of feels like plain old, Nowheresville, America.  And that's okay once in awhile.

No, this rose did not smell like anything at all.

Okay, did you think about what the map looks like to you?  Let me know!


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