Best of the Bay: INNA pickle INNA jam

Okay.  I can't contain myself any longer, I have to tell you about my friend's pickle/jam business because it's so cool and, well, so very Bay!  Check this out:  The brand is called INNA pickle INNA jam and is the brainchild of Dafna Kory.  She makes crazy delicious pickles and jams using the best organically grown local ingredients which are hand picked and hauled by bicycles.  No carbon footprint here.

If you live in the flatter parts of the Bay area, the jams and pickles can be distributed right to your door by bicycle too.  If you live on a hill or out of the area, check out for other delivery options.  Sorry, but because the pickles are perishable, they can't be shipped in the mail.  Just add "Eat a jar of INNA pickles" to your list of reasons to visit the Bay area.   

Because I buy so many jars of INNA pickle INNA jam, I just ordered an annual subscription today, which is a very good deal.  Not only is the bulk rate on the jams and pickles just right, I also get this gift tote bag! 


I'm really excited to get my first delivery of INNA jams at the end of May.  The spring flavors have been announced and I can't wait to try the blood ORANGE jam.  Yum!   

If you want to taste INNA products before buying, here is a list of upcoming tasting events:
Ritual Coffee Roasters 5 Year Anniversary Party
Saturday May 15th 2-9pm
Russ Alley, off Howard (between 6th & 7th), San Francisco

SF Food Wars
Sunday May 16th 12-3pm
661 Howard Street, San Francisco

The Mission Statement
Thursday May 20, 5-8pm
3458-A 18th Street, San Francisco

Try INNA pickle INNA jam on the Menu Here:
Local 123
2049 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

For more info and to order products, go to:


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