2 miles in La Lengua

 I ride BART alot.  It's my primary mode of transportation.  On more than one occassion, the train has stopped or broken down at a station, necessitating a walk to another station to complete my journey.  What I have learned is that all BART stations in the city are within an easy walk of each other.  For funzies I decided to walk from the station at 24th/Mission to the one at Glen Park.  Let's call this series of walks B2B (BART to BART).

By now you should be familiar with how muraltastic the Mission is.  The BART station at 24th and Mission is the epicenter of this artform.  Mission Street itself can be a bit overwhelming.  So if you want a calmer walk, head west, my friend!

I decided to take Guerrero Street down to San Jose Ave.  I thought it was a nice stroll.

Know this address:  688 San Jose Ave. (corner of 29th Street).  While the flavors aren't as edgy as those over at Humphry Slocombe (home of the balsalmic vinegar ice cream), they are REALLY good.  I went to Mitchell's this week and got the Italian Fig.  Yum!

The walk down to the Glen Park BART is pretty intuitive.  Once you get to the corner of San Jose Ave. and Randall Street, you will instinctively want to cross over to Arlington Street that actually has a sidewalk (and isn't a six lane highway).

At one point, Arlington Street crosses above San Jose Ave. so you can look down on the traffic and smile at your decision to not walk down there.

And here is your angst-laden political phrase of the day.  Enjoy!


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