3.1 miles in West Portal

Here's how this walk went down: I decided I wanted to watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the little indi theater in Stonestown but a friend could only drive me as far as Noriega and 19th Ave.  So I walked the difference, getting a little side-tracked along the way.

The weather could have been nicer.

But I'm not complaining because the walk was fine.  I take a picture of this wall every time I walk past it on 19th Ave.  It begs the question: Could the original graffitti have been any worse to look at?

This is becoming a theme.

I really like the West Portal neighborhood.  It has a nice mix of stores and restaurants.

It also ends the ongoing debate of fake v. real grass.

Fake: 1
Real: 0

I think some poetry should be written about this scene.  Something like:
Cat's cradle of electricity,
Stops dead in the tracks. 
Houses blue with envy,
As fog rolls in fast.

It needs work.

This place is a little spooky and mysterious to walk around.  I googled it and learned that it was built by Christian Scientists in 1930 as a nursing facility.  Since 1973, it has been called Arden Wood (http://www.ardenwood.org/about_us.html).  Very interesting...

You know what else is very interesting?  The walking conditions on Junipera Serra and Sloat.

While I was trying to figure out how to navigate through the construction work on the sidewalk, I spotted the Waldorf High School, sunken back from the road.

I made it to the theather just in time to watch the 8pm movie.  And, I must say, that I thoroughly enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Subtitled, and all.  Oh, and this theather by Stonestown is FUNKY.  You need to go watch something there!


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