2 miles in SoMa

I know, I know - SoMa again...But I needed to go to Whole Food's Market, and it's the closest one to my office.  I'm almost done with the neighborhood, I promise.

I took 1st Street down from Market and remembered why I didn't like SoMa:  the bus station.

Natoma Alley is definitely not a place to walk in the dark, but kinda cool in the daytime.  The end of the alley closest to 2nd Street actually has some nice restaurants tucked into it.  But the majority of the alley is underlit parking lots where I imagine thousands of creeps lurk under the cars.

I recognize this place!  It's the Department of State building where you get your passport.

I also recognize this place! The purpose of my walk.

24 Larabars and a loaf of Udi's GF Bread later, and I was back on the road to BART.

You know why 2nd Street is better than 1st Street?  No bus station.  AND, 2nd Street has this awesome sculpture blob at CBS Interactive.

I know this place too! Man, I'm on a roll.  Okay, Periera O'Dell is the marketing agency behind Muscle Milk, my new infatuation (second only to PajamaJeans).  Besides the funny viral music videos, they also are doing this super sweet augmented reality thing with special Muscle Milk bottles sold in Ohio. 


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