3 miles in SoMa

My opinion of SoMa increased dramatically this walk.  Unlike my SoMa walk last December, I found the neighborhood downright charming.  It could be that this time I wasn't walking in the dark.

Huge beautiful new buildings stand next to...

...scraps that once were huge beautiful new buildings a hundred years ago.

Really cool businesses have moved in, gentrifying the area.

But some hints of yesteryear remain.

One of the biggest properties between 4th and 5th Streets is the Salvation Army complex.  It's fancy!

What I love most about this area is the number of museums.  There's the Pioneer museum,

The Art & Design museum,

And the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Plus nearby on 3rd is the MoMa and closer to Market Street is the Craft Museum.  Love it!

Of course a major landmark in this neighborhood is the Moscone Convention Center where it appears seminars on intergalactic electricity are currently taking place.


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