3 miles in South Park and Mission Bay

I walked to the Giants v. Mets game on Friday night.  Then after the game, I walked to where my husband parked our car, thus explaining the really strange route I took.

The first half of the walk (in the daylight) was to and in South Park, a tiny neighborhood between I-80 and Brannan Street.

Considering its close proximity to major freeways and the AT&T Stadium, South Park is surprisingly quiet and tidy.  It also has a really cute kids park.

This neighborhood is home to Jack London Street.  Jack London is the author of such American classics as The Call of the Wild and White Fang.  He was born here in 1876.
I paused the walk to watch the Giants beat the Mets: 1-0.  Whoot!

The walk to the car after the game was actually really nice.  The view of the ball park from across the water of Mission Bay is gorgeous.  The rest of the area was too dim to photograph but from what I could see, it was clean and new.

Mission Bay is home to a bunch of new condominium buildings and large corporate complexes including the Old Navy headquarters.  We approached the Old Navy building from their back yard.  With the interior lights on, we could see right into the cafeteria.  Oooohhh...

I personally dig the dining chairs.  Orange chairs rule!

Next time I walk through Mission Bay it will be during the day to get better exterior pictures. Until next time, enjoy these Panda hats:

They're better than cheese hats.


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