2.5 miles in Outer Sunset

I tried something new this walk...I actually jogged part of it.  Yeah, I know...this is big! My sister-in-law, Sam and I are training for the Glide Bridge to Bridge 12K in October and we want to run as much of it as we can. 

This was our first training session. I'm happy to report that it went pretty well.
(This, by the way, is Sam.  We've walked together before and will again, so here's her face to go with the name.)

Jogging on the beach is good in theory.  The reality is the sand is too squishy to safely run, so we walked the first leg till we got back on solid ground at Rivera Street.

The signage in this neighborhood rules.  So, for this walk, signs will be the focal point.

We stopped in here to refuel.  The Java Beach not only has a cool sign, it also has a mean chai latte (yes, nothing quenches a post-jog thirst like a chai latte) and yummy looking lunch menu.  I'll be back to try that salad with the dried cranberries on it.  I'm a sucker for dried fruits...and, in case you hadn't noticed, chai lattes.

I don't know about you, but I see snakes in this one.

Wait a second...am I missing something?

Winner for best photoshopping this week decade.

Okay, this isn't a sign but it sure is a cool looking elephant. Or maybe a driftwood elephant actually is a sign; a sign that something awesome will happen this week.  Right??

Here's to an awesome week!


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