5.2 miles in Outer Richmond

Yes, I know.  The Outer Richmond. AGAIN.  But look how much progress I'm making...

Aside from this...

and this...

The avenues of the Outer Richmond are fairly quiet.

So, I decided that instead of showing more of the same style of houses, I would focus on the interesting flora of the Outer Richmond flower beds.

Feel free to shout out the names of these plants, if you know them.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible with plant names.

I'm a little surprised such tropical looking plants flourish in the gray, cold environment that is the Outer Richmond.

I couldn't resist - I picked up a chunk of this mess and smelled it.  It's coffee.  You're guess is as good as mine why it's out on the sidewalk.

Um, it's still "dumping" even if it's in a plastic bag.

Be honest - did you think 'vampire' when you read this, too?


  1. Hahaha! "Vampire." I used to work for him, and I laughed out loud at the mental picture your comment induced.

    As for the plants, that apricot-colored flower is some kind of dahlia (there are so many varieties it takes a specialist to ID some of them); the disc-on-a-stick succulent is an aeonium of some kind; the pick cluster of flowers is a Naked Lady Lily (really!), or Amaryllis belladonna, one of my fave signs of late summer; and the yellow flower is a daylily (Stella d'Oro variety?) I think.

    And those bags of dog poop? Isn't there a special magic fairy that comes and takes care of those? *Someone* obviously thinks so.


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