1.8 miles on Russian Hill

 This course may look short and easy, but it wasn't. 
Okay, it was short.  But it wasn't easy.

For starters, it was dark and my first block was up a steep hill.

I was using this walk to fill in some gaps I left on previous walks.
I didn't realize how hilly it was actually going to be...

...then again, the name should have given it away.
The "Russian Hill" part, not the "Liquors" part.
(Yes, that is a man digging through the recycling bin.)

 Fortunately, there was enough cool stuff to distract me from the pain in my calves.  Like, for instance, this insanely creepy doorway...

and some suspended bananas...

 this window of adorable puppies...

and this window full of chickens. 

On a related note, have you read about the new pie bird rage?  Martha Stewart says every home needs one.  The idea, I understand, is that you put this little ceramic bird in the center of your pie, then while baking the bird will whistle, indicating the center is hot enough to release steam.  Pie birds have been around for centuries, but are making a comeback right now.  I don't personally bake pies, but thanks to Martha Stewart's brainwashing techniques I now kind of want one.  Either one: a pie or a pie bird.


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