4.4 miles in Outer Sunset/Sunset

I don't normally do this, but I crossed a dividing line between two neighborhoods with my walk today.  Sunset Blvd. divides the Outer Sunset to the west with the Sunset District to the east.  There is no notable difference between the two, but it still felt wrong.

The housing in this area is mostly single-family and varies from stark stucco...

...to cozy craftsmans. 
This row of craftsmans, btw, reminds me of the house in the film, You, Me and Dupree.  The only thing I really liked about that movie was the house.  Next time I'm down in LA, I think I'm going to find that neighborhood. 
Sooooooooo cute.

You know what else is cute? This monstrosity of a flower bed.  Adds so much color to the neighborhood...

The flowers aren't the only color in the neighborhood.  A-1 Liquors has a really nifty mural by the artist, Tino Olsen.

As I approached this corner on Irving, I noticed that the cassette drawer was open.  Three guesses what tape was waiting inside...

Are you ready?

Ta-Dah! The Chipmunks Munk Rock!

On that note, have a great week!


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